The road from Bracon Ash to Flordon Station was widened in 1939 so vehicles could pass in case Norwich & Trowse were put out of action in which case Flordon station and its sidings would become a loading/unloading point (Rex Webster)

On the home front, most of the men were ARP wardens....

Don Carlton remembered the army huts at Hapton Hall in WW2, and the searchlights that threw wide beams over Flordon village. One day a German plane was caught in the lights and dropped its bombs, one on each side of Long Lane.

During WW2 a German pilot bailed out over Flordon and came down by parachute. Margaret Peachman, who lived in a cottage in The Street took him in and was very kind to him gave him a cup of tea. He was taken away and detained and Mrs Peachman was told off! But she kept the parachute and used it to make a wedding dress for Connie Cadman and underwear for all the family!